Welcome to the 11th Annual Legal Education and Services Expo (LEASE) LLM and Postgraduate Law Fair, a flagship event for law students and legal professionals. The event, organized by Law Pundits is celebrating its 11th year anniversary in 2024. The Online LLM Fair focuses on different regions around the world. LEASE 2024 is a platform for law students and lawyers to interact directly with law school representatives and decision-makers from around the world.

LEASE 2024 will provide you with some of the best options available for higher legal studies and education. Bring all your queries about LLM, JD, LLB or PhD on applications process in law schools from around the world ask directly to the representatives of the participating law schools. This is an event no law student or lawyer who intends to do an LLM can afford to miss.


LEASE was the first and still the largest event of its kind which is targeted exclusively for lawyers and law students with an interest in pursuing an LLM, SJD or JD program in top law schools around the world. Conceived and organized by Law Pundits and supported by IALLM. LEASE has now become the go-to event for higher education in Law.

Over the years, LEASE has grown significantly and LEASE has been instrumental in helping many law students from around the world to directly interact with the admissions head of top law schools. What started as a one-city event in 2014, LEASE has become an annual event over the years helping lawyers and law students from several countries around the world.

For Law Schools, LEASE has become the annual go-to-event for almost all law schools from around the world that offer an LLM or PhD/SJD in Law . Since its inception in 2014 LEASE has been part of the annual student and recruitment programme for several universities and Law Schools.

Prominent Law schools from United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Singapore, Australia, India, China, etc have been part of LEASE.

As of 2024, LEASE LLM fair holds the unique distinction as the longest continuously running exclusive LLM Fair in the world. Over the years, we’ve curated the most LLM-focused events, bridging the gap between ambitious students and world-class institutions. Our decade-long journey exemplifies our dedication to fostering educational connections, catalyzing opportunities, and shaping the future of LLM education on a global scale.